MJSmithDev Development Notes from Matt Smith of PA, USA


WelcomeWelcome from the Interwebs. This is the developer’s blog of one Matt Smith from Pennsylvania, USA (as opposed to the ‘literally’ thousands of other Matt Smiths out there - seriously, try finding a domain name for matt smith). This site will not provide for world peace, or whirled peas if you prefer. It is planned to be merely a collection of my developer moments of interesting or even not so interesting titbits of development. There will be no set time frame, just whenever that titbit crosses my brain, browser, or IDE.

I really enjoy web development and my paycheck comes from .net development. I still do php development as well, but with the direction Microsoft is heading with their latest web stack I’m quite excited to focus the bulk of my time in that arena. There is a ridiculous amount to learn around web development and trying to even figure out what to learn is challenging.

I don’t like writing long novels of posts, so I’ll end it here. See you in the 1s and 0s.